Archive | October 3, 2014

Why should Churches or Mission agencies use social media?

Billions of People around the Globe are connected online every day, majority of them are engaged in different Social Media like Facebook, twitter, instragram, pinterest, youtube, these tools are now us for  communicating, interacting and fastest way to tract information online, Social media made a tremendous change on how we view life  in many different aspects and perspective.

I Believe Churches or Mission group should use the Social media not just only to promote the Church itself, but given the facts that it could help Churches to spread the gospel and let the name of Jesus Christ be known in the virtual world. It helps the Churches in meeting the target to reach a small or large group of audience using the internet.

I would like to give my insight by giving  points on how Churches could achieve these objectives using Social media:

Facebook: Leaders or any members of the use can create an account where information and any related Christian events are posted its like Facebook is the new bulletin by Scott Huntington it another way to start a new community inside the Church by creating a social group using facebook.

Twitter: It’s another way to exchange information  and ideas online in a Christian Context for example #ChristianConflictsinthemiddleeast bringing a certain topic on the internet where Christian Community can be involve by sending prayers and encouragements online.

Youtube -They were Millions of subscriptions are made in Youtube this can be use by the Pastor and Church leaders as another digital platform in conveying messages where they could post their sermon, counselling and other biblical teaching. I remember our local Pastor always keep his Youtube account updated where he upload his sermon after the service